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How being called a loser changed my life

I’m stood the dining room of one of the really fancy hotels in Manchester, I’m surrounded by some of the UK’s biggest movers and shakers of the entrepreneurial and business world. As I take my seat to eat lunch I’m introduced the group as being one of the most...

Does Perfectionism hold you back? And my free tapping meditation to help you with just that.

This weeks Tuesday chat is all about the secret sauce. That’s what one of my client’s call a tool I use when working with my lovely people. I may have touched on it lightly before, but my client noticed that I just don’t talk about it enough. The tool I’m talking...

Slow Sundays

I do love a purposeful Slow-Sunday I one of those people that has to be purposeful about how I spend my weekends, especially Sundays. I have been known to sneak off and disappear into my office for hours on end working on a project, or getting to Sunday and having no...


I HOPE WE ALL MAKE IT… This week we have a chat about when we don’t feel supported by our friends or family, ‘Ann Summers’, and finding those people that lift you up. Find the people that are in your vibration Create your community that rocks...

4 ways to stop stalling your career change!

This time of year can evoke some people to start thinking about their career change. Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a long time (as I know some of my clients have), yet you’re stuck in how to move forward. This week guest blogger and career coach,...

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