Are we a great match?

At This Great Life we get it.

Sometimes you may think it would be great if you could hop off the hustle of life and slow down. But let’s be honest, do you really want that?


The first step in the process, we will start by looking at your life as a whole and how you can make some super simple changes to ease you into the process.

We will look at what’s potentially keeping you stuck, what’s your blocks, where are the stress points. We will look at how you communicate with yourself and the folks around you. We may look at your food and see if we can make any simple supportive changes to balance out your blood sugar, boost your energy levels, smooth out your hormones, boost your body love along with banishing the ‘hangury’ (that hungry you get angry) moments and food emergencies for good. Leaving you with the clarity and mojo to start looking at what’s really getting in the way of you getting what you truly want.

This Great Life is about turning your life in the real world, with real stresses, into something extraordinary. It’s about freeing yourself from the junk (whether that’s junky food or junky thinking) that’s slowing you down. I can help you clear the mind clutter and go from “getting by” to “thriving.”

I know what it’s like to feel your brain and body—or life—have been hijacked. Read my story and you’ll see I had to get unstuck and feel alive again myself. Now, every day, I help people build a richer, healthier and more extraordinary life.

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goldSome great questions.

Before we embark, please ask yourself:

Am I ready to approach myself with honesty and accountability?

Am I ready to become a great “life editor,” by clearing clutter from my schedule?

Am I ready to re-organize?

Am I ready to engage with myself and learn new habits of self-care?

Am I ready to drop the excuses that have kept me stuck with a body and life out of balance?

Am I ready to meet myself anew?


If you answered yes to most of these, I can’t wait to hear from you! I’d love to work with you on creating the powerful, passionate life you deserve. If you’re ready to begin, contact me today

With love, grit and leafy greens, Jo

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