EFT Sessions via Skype with Jo

It's wonderful you've made your way here, together you and I can do great things together

You and I can do great things together. Take the time now to do some self-care now, and it could very well change the rest of your life like it did for these people HERE.

Are you feeling trapped, stuck, blocked and just not sure how you’re going to move forward or you know exactly what you want but your not sure how to bring it to life, then an EFT (tapping) session via Skype could be exactly right for you. Since 2008 I’ve worked with hundreds of clients in various settings from group in-person sessions, one to one, online and via Skype, supporting them to see their blocks, detach from them allowing clients to naturally reduce negative issues, stress and anxiety. So clients get to thrive in life with clarity, wisdom and confidence; striving forward with their life and career goals. Sessions with me are carried out over Skype or telephone (if in the UK). By the end of your session you will feel calmer, clearer, lighter with an inner knowing and clarity about how you want to move forward with your life.


You can start the process of transforming your life without even leaving your own home.

Where ever in the world you are, you can work with Jo.

We can work together in a single session CLICK HERE

Or you can sign yourself up to create space for greatness by committing to work together for 3 months – Creating Space For Greatness Package.




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