What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

How does EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping work?

EFT works by tapping into the body’s energy system, the acupuncture meridians perform like energy circuits conducting currents of energy. If energy circuits are disrupted or broken we can experience physical and emotional discomfort.

When our flow of energy is disrupted it’s believed this can literally upset the mind and body balance. Some parts of your body get too much of an energy surge and some parts are starved of the necessary energy.

Our energy meridians are the information super highways of our body. As we go about our daily lives, we are absorbing information. We pick up information from the people around us, our partners, families, colleagues, and what’s going on for them. Our experiences, past and present, is how we translate all this stimuli and what we make it mean for us, and sometimes it can get you stuck in thought patterns and behaviours that aren’t helpful. All the time we are subconsciously receiving information

By actually tapping on the recognised EFT tapping point with the tips of your fingers helps clear down any disruption to the energy allowing the the natural flow of energy to flow through your body in a balanced way, helping you feel good and get past any blocks that are holding you back.

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes”

― Carl Jung

When we are working in harmony with our own energy, we are able to make balanced wise decisions that truly align with our hearts desires. Decision making and strategies for life and work becomes so much easier as you are able to access that wisest part of you that knows exactly what’s needed. Many people use EFT when they are feeling emotionally lost, lacking direction, struggling with a past experience that has been triggered by a present day interaction, challenged by an ever present daily issue.

Sometimes, people recognise they’re feeling “off their game”, and know they need some support to work their way through what’s going on for them.

Getting to talk through what’s going on with a qualified EFT therapist and coach helps you access the real deep down issues that are causing a trip wire stopping you from living a fulfilling life. By talking and using EFT at the same time helps you tap into the root cause reasons that are throwing you out of alignment, tapping out the causes of the imbalance, creating shifts so your mind and body can find a way to heal the issues, and allowing the natural energy to flow freely through your body.

Definition of EFT by AAMET International – Association of the Advancement of Meridian Energies Technique

“EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a holistic body/mind self-help method – a process of mindful and intentional tapping (gently, with fingertips) on several acupuncture meridian end-points on the face and upper body. An EFT intervention utilises the same pathways/channels found in traditional Chinese energy medicine.

EFT or “tapping” is flexible enough to be used by anyone. It can allow us to transform the way we respond to uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and troubling memories (with pain, tension, stress). EFT can bring surprising (and lasting) relief, change the energy we bring to any life situation, and so much more. We can become more aware of how our thoughts, beliefs and emotions affect us physiologically”

How can EFT Help you?

Since 2008 Jo has coached hundreds of clients in various settings from group in-person sessions, one to one, online and via Skype, supporting them to see their blocks, detach from them allowing clients to naturally reduce negative issues, stress and anxiety. Allowing clients to thrive in life with clarity, wisdom and confidence; striving forward with their life and career goals.

Sessions with Jo are carried out over Skype or telephone (if in the UK). By the end of your session you will feel calmer, clearer, lighter with an inner knowing and clarity about how you want to move forward with your life.

You can start the process of transforming your life without even leaving your own home.

Where ever in the world you are, you can work with Jo.



  • "I tried EFT with Jo at a point in my life when I feel I was sinking down into a big black hole.  I’d been here before and was worried about how far down the hole I was going to sink.  It was also a time when I needed to be there for my husband and help him through a tough time.  I was in a dark place and turned to Jo to try to help me out. I honestly could not believe how quickly EFT brought out the issues that I was really dealing with (as opposed to those I was prepared to admit to myself).  When we’d identified what was causing me to struggle, Jo then took me through some scripts which rapidly moved me on from the dark feelings and into a place to much, much more light. The session finished and i was in such a different and positive headspace than when we’d started.  Jo, I cannot thank you enough and I cannot recommend you enough.  Thank you."
    Sarah - Chief Financial Officer
  • "I have worked with Jo now for several months. She has helped me through a number of difficult and challenging situations in both my professional and personal life. Through her direction and support using EFT she has helped me to achieve my goal and I now am about to start one the best opportunities of my career. Using EFT has helped me to deal with old issues and resolved them once and for all and has assisted in me having a lighter approach and being more open to options that I otherwise would not. I would not be where I am now without the help of Jo and using EFT tapping."
    Barbara - Global Director
  • "Working with Jo over the last 12 months has been life changing. It started as health coaching to help me get my diet and exercise on track. Jo has an amazing ability to help you see through the surface issues and go deep into the areas that are really blocking progress. I've found the EFT sessions really helpful to break through the emotional side of things and come through with a clear plan of a way forward. There have been many tears along the way, but even more laughs and through it all I feel supported and that I can trust Jo 100% to have my back and cheer me along. She pushes me when I need pushing and won't let those sticky issues that come up be pushed aside if they really need to be faced head on. I've worked with a couple of other coaches in the past 10 years, but feel Jo brings something special and unique with her insight, experience, sense of humour and the addition of using EFT in our sessions. I never miss a session and look forward to our calls every time, and really appreciate knowing that she is always in the background to call on if something comes up that I need help with. I whole heartedly recommend Jo, you will be amazed that the progress that you can make with her by your side."
    Stacey - Wellness Entrepreneur
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