About Me

I now know feeling good is the beginning. Of everything.

I believe we can’t shoot for our dreams if our heads are socked in by stress-fog and our bodies are zapped. My coaching practice is about getting all systems firing together—body, mind and soul. Because feeling good—feeling joyful—is the launch pad of a great life.

I tried it the other way.

Becoming a therapeutic coach, wellness-builder and life kick-starter was my dream for years. But I didn’t get here overnight. Flashback eight years ago: It was my typical day of binge working. Up late. Full of adrenaline. On the surface, I was living the corporate dream and it was all going like gangbusters.

But I barely recognized myself.

I remember the days when I was totally fricking stressed out at work. My body was going down hill, I’d gone from being in a career I totally adored to absolutely hating. My finances were all over the place. I was a disaster in relationships. And I just thought if I can get the world to stop whilst I get ahead and get my shit together it will be ok. But the world wasn’t gonna stop and I didn’t have the right tools or people in place to support me to sort it out. I also wasn’t telling a soul how bad it all was either. Where was the fire and oomph? It wasn’t just cruddy eating habits. It never is. It was the whole package of how I was living. I was chasing my goals like a bloodhound, trying to please everyone around me, and running after something I could never quite catch—or even name.

It was time for a change. I wanted to love my life. I wanted to help others do the same I wanted my real me back, I wanted to bounce forward.

From there to here.

My education and training extend to anatomy, physiology, reflexology, cognitive/behavioural therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping – energy psychology), meditation teaching, coaching and nutrition at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. This blend informs my holistic approach to life happiness—and that’s why This Great Life gets the results it does, in a fresh way for each person I support. To run the coaching practice of my dreams, I still leverage my degree in business. It fuels my love of order and accountability. There’s a system for everything, I always say, especially when I’m coaching. With love, grit and leafy greens,


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