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Are you lost?

Are you a wife, a partner, a mum, daughter, leader, boss, entrepreneur?

Are you busy meeting everybody’s needs, making sure you hit the deadlines, juggling the school run, kicking ass at work, but not actually getting to be YOU?

Do you need some space to figure it out, who you are and what you really want, without having to stop the clock and run off to a naked retreat.

Have you spent a little, some or a lot of time feeling shit about yourself? Do you feel deep in your core that how you feel can’t be fixed? Or have you lost belief in yourself?

Are you thinking it works out for everybody else, but not for me. It never works out for me?

Then you are totally in the right place.

You can find you.

When you work to connect the pieces of the puzzle, life is fun, passionate, energised and you want more. Instead of wanting the world to stop so you can take a breath. 

We can do it together in the way that works for you. 

  • We can work through your blocks, your inner saboteurs
  • You can get super clear on what you want, how you want to live, feel good in your own body, and be you
  • We’ll work out how to move forward, at a pace that works for you – and not having to compromise the things you actually love

A little peace. And some everyday freedom – The busy gals guide to having it all and living
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Let’s face it, running off to a barefoot yoga retreat for a week, taking time out in an Ashram, meditating for hours on end daily, juicing litres of green juice for daily consumption, whilst sounding like just the ticket to getting your life together, is just not on the agenda for many busy gals.

Not all of us want to kick off our high heels, and kick them to the curb. Not all of us want to give up lucrative careers. Not all of us want to leave the corporate tango. To feel good about yourself, you actually don’t have to give up any of your busy life. But you do have to make adjustments, learn to master new actions, a new way of being, thinking and behaving; start having a seriously deep and meaningful relationship with yourself first and foremost.

You’re probably here because you want to to feel good about yourself, get your sense of your own direction back, you want to be able to get excited about life again – focus on you. Maybe you want to understand what gets or keeps you stuck so you can move past it. Maybe you want to eat better food. Maybe you want to feel good in your body and like what you see in the mirror. Maybe you want to feel more confident. Maybe you are sick of starting out doing all the “right things” then falling off the band wagon, feeling crappy about yourself because you’ve “failed” again. Maybe you are ready to like and fall in love with you.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

I can help you with your life and lifestyle stuff, busting through your blocks clearing the way for clarity. We can boost your energy, work out your true North when it comes to what really gets you excited. We can clean up your nutrition without the deprivation. We can have you feeling good in your mind and body. It’s your time to live your life fully, on your terms, at the pace you want. You can drink all the green juice you want. Go to as many yoga sessions as you like. Run marathon after marathon. Hide from the truth and pretend everything is ‘fine’. But without tackling what’s truly going on in your mind, how you think, your self-beliefs, getting serious on your mind gremlins, you’re not going to truly experience peace with your mind, true health or balance and living the amazing life you truly deserve.  

It’s always about going deeper. Are you ready?

  • You want to feel great in your body
  • You want your career, hell you want to advance your career
  • You want to understand what truly makes you tick so you can work it to the max
  • You want energy to work as many hours as you choose and have bags left over for playtime
  • You want to master consistency of looking after yourself
  • You want to eat great nourishing food
  • You want your own money, your independence
  • You want loving equal intimate relationships
  • You want adventure
  • You want abundance in all forms
  • You want choice
  • You want to wake up every day and no matter what ever life throws at you, you can handle it

Me and you, together we will bust through your blocks, work out what gets in your way emotionally, physically, how you maybe sabotage yourself.

We will work out the plan for YOU. Your unique road map to health and living life full throttle without the compromise.

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